Learn NFP in WV & OH Valley

The Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston provide several options for referral of Natural Family Planning (NFP) methods:

Standard Sympto-Thermal (SST)

SST observes two major signs of fertility: basal body temperature and cervical mucus.

Instruction is in a group or individual setting and is composed of 3 class meetings (typically one meeting per month over 3 months). Unlimited individual follow-up is also included as needed. (In-person and distance learning are available.)

Cost: $75 (includes 3 class meetings, materials, and individual follow-up sessions as needed) To register for an SST course, please click here. Standard Sympto-Thermal Website

NFP and more (multiple cross-checking +)

This method from Natural Family Planning International provides the usual systematic NFP, plus the unique benefits of ecological breastfeeding.   See homepage: www.NFPandmore.org and www.facebook.com/nfpandmore – click on NFPI Manual to download or purchase. Also, see the NFPI Home Study Course.  Contact: Steve and Ann Craig, PO Box 861, Steubenville, OH 43952. (740)457-9663.

Creighton Model Fertility Care (CrMS)

CrMS observes one major sign of fertility: cervical mucus.

Instruction is done in a group or individual introductory session with individual follow-up every 2 weeks to one month. (In-person and distance learning are available.)

Cost: Introductory Session is Free; $50 per follow-up + a cost for materials. To register for an Introductory Session, please click here.  FertilityCare Center of the Upper Ohio Valley Website. Contact Kathy Hirkala at 304-723-0478 or email:kathnfph@msn.com.

Couple to Couple League – CCL offers a Home Study Course for those couples who do not have a local CCL Teaching Couple, or for those whose schedule prevents them from attending a local class series (available in English and Spanish).

NFP Class with Couple to Couple League Virtual Instructors.  To register, go to: http://register.ccli.org/class_series/8757. For more information, contact: nfp.icclarksburg@gmail.com